The latest advance from Dynacoat, announced by AkzoNobel’s Vehicle Refinishes business, is Dynacoat Clear UHS Air: a powerful air-dried, ultra-high-solid, VOC-compliant clearcoat. This product is only available in EMEA.

Dynacoat Clear UHS Air can be applied over a very wide ambient temperature range. Bodyshops seeking to reduce the need for force-drying of repairs will welcome this no-bake option. Surfaces are polishable within 120 minutes at 20°C and the result is a fantastic finish.

Precise results are assured by its sprayability and flow characteristics, with a choice of standard or fast thinner to meet different needs. Easy polishing to a satisfying final appearance further enhances productivity and profits.

AkzoNobel sees this development as further evidence of Dynacoat’s commitment to addressing the challenges of bodyshop repairs through continuous product improvement. Its recently refreshed Dynacoat brand offers a complete vehicle refinishing solution, optimal results and honest, trusted value.

To maintain our strong position as customers’ brand of choice in the value segment, we take an agile approach to addressing their needs. We are constantly looking for ways to empower users with better solutions, and our new clearcoat offering is a good example of what that means.

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