A whole new dimension of product choice is now open to repairers in the USA.    Already well-established and respected in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with a large and loyal following which continues to grow, Dynacoat comes with a proven record of success.

Dynacoat has been introduced to the North American region exclusively through its partners - Advance Auto Parts and Carquest.

Dynacoat is a complete vehicle refinishing system, developed to give users exactly what they need – at a fair price. It offers high quality and robust products for optimal results for every repair type – from a small dent to a full respray – and delivers honest, proven value. In North America, everyone from traditional repair shops to larger fleet repair operations and individual repairers will quickly appreciate what this professional but affordable solution can do for their business. Dynacoat offers a simple and complete but powerful solution to serve the market.

To maximize impact and support, AkzoNobel has set up an exclusive Dynacoat distribution partnership with one of the market’s leading automotive aftermarket parts provider: Advance Auto Parts and their independent network - Carquest.

Being part of the AkzoNobel family, Dynacoat’s high quality, easy-to-use products and processes benefit from our organization’s global leadership in technology, color and product development. Color confidence and precise matching are assured with Dynacoat, thanks to our advanced mixing machine systems and the latest AkzoNobel digital color tools. The Dynacoat range is backed by efficient methods of online product and technical support, training, marketing and sales tools, and other information. It all adds up to a very cost-effective package to enable fast and certain customer satisfaction.

Dynacoat users in the USA can immediately gain competitive advantages from the existing comprehensive range. Over the coming months and years, its benefits will increase thanks to our agile approach to product improvement. We continuously seek ways to empower users with better solutions, which we deliver rapidly to the market. Watch out for regular news of our latest advances.

Visit our North American website to find out more us.dynacoat.com

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