Paint Defect Identifier

Paint Defect Identifier helps bodyshop painters quickly and easily identify the root cause of a paint defect and how to solve it.

How it works is simple: step one is to take a picture of the defect with your mobile phone; step two, compare your photo against our image database and select the appropriate match; step three, find the root cause of your paint defect, then learn how to solve and prevent it in the future.

The ‘explore’ function enables painters to review the list of the most common paint defects including a description, rectification method, possible causes, and prevention measures.

Paint Defect Identifier is another example of how AkzoNobel is constantly rethinking ways it can support its customers with digital solutions that improve bodyshop efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and support a wider commitment to sustainability.

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Please note that the information provided through the Paint Defect Identifier is purely informative.

The user of this information will remain solely responsible for solving or preventing paint defects.

AkzoNobel will not be liable for any loss or damages that may be caused by the activities conducted by the user on the basis of this information.

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