The latest advance from Dynacoat, is Dynacoat Clear UHS Speed: a reliable, fast, oven-drying clearcoat for all repair types, designed to meet the requirements of value-seeking customers. This product is only available in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

When speed is as important as quality and price, this ultra-high-solid, VOC-compliant product’s 10-minute drying time at 60°C is the answer. It gives the best possible appearance in the shortest time. Its long-term gloss retention is also exceptionally good.

Dynacoat Clear UHS Speed can be used confidently on any size of repair in standard application conditions and speeds up your workflow without compromising on the quality of the final result. Strong through-hardening helps to produce a robust finish which is very easy to polish, straight after cooling down or – if more convenient – the next day.

To maintain our strong position as customers’ brand of choice in the value segment, we take an agile approach. We are constantly looking for ways to empower users with better solutions, and our new clearcoat offering is a good example of what that means.

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